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(TLS-55-X300) Tunable Light Source

The TLS-55-X300 is a representative of a large series of Sciencetech Tunable Light Sources (TLS). This complete plug and play system consists of a lamp housing with 300W Xe lamp, 601-300 touchscreen power supply, 9055 monochromator (1/4 meter), filter wheel (with 4 filters) mounted to a metal baseplate to create a compact, fully assembled illuminator.
SciSpec Software is included for controlling the monochromator and filter wheel.
Each system is pre-aligned during production and packaged with system’s test data and detailed manual.
The TLS-55-X300 is an advanced system with optical bandpass as small as 0.2 nm over UV and VIS spectral range, and 0.4 over NIR. The overall spectral range is 300-1800 nm. Output bandpass can be varied using included adjustable slits.

This system includes 1 IEC 60320 C13 compatible power cable. Region-specific version must be selected at the time of placing an order (see product 491-9001).

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SKU 105-9002
Name (TLS-55-X300) Tunable Light Source


SCIENCETECH has built a reputation on custom solutions. Whether you need a small modification to an existing system or a completely novel design built from the ground up to meet your technical specifications, Sciencetech's engineering and optical design teams are ready to help.

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