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Business Developments


Since the establishment of Sciencetech thirty-one years ago, the corporation has grown at an average rate of 14.2% per year[1]. The company's business goal is: “To Serve the New Product Development Market in the field of Optical Spectroscopy with dedication, integrity and excellence”. This was the market and guide identified by the founders in 1985 and continues to motivate SCI work today.

Structural and organizational changes have been assimilated in order to better equip the organization to handle the stresses and demands of greater sales, increased efficiencies, higher revenues and new staff. This growth has represented a continuous effort in particular during the past two years.

During the past ten years, Sciencetech has enhanced the work related to the Photovoltaic market. Our solar simulators, I,V Testers, Quantum Efficiency Systems, CPMs and Spectral Response instruments have received good acceptance by the Academic researchers in photovoltaic cells. Our Sales group has detected and starts expanding in a much larger market: the industrial photovoltaic market that manufactures panels.

The characteristics of this market are very different from the academic and research market. The demands much higher, even when the returns seem to be better and the market size considerable larger. It appears to be able to support a considerable growth for our Company.

However, these markets has considerably higher expectations in terms of promotional material, product quality, technical support and (because it is in full expansion) innovative research and developments.

Sciencetech will need considerable financial resources to address these new markets. Our past work with the photovoltaic academic researchers has allowed us to establish a good worldwide reputation in the industry, in particular in emergent industrial developments in photovoltaic regions like Canada and the USA. But these markets are very difficult if not impossible to be properly addressed with the limited financial resources Sciencetech has at this time.

In order to address the industrial photovoltaic market, and achieve the anticipated rate of growth, new working capital and funds for our business development are required. Sciencetech Management is welcoming investment to meet the company’s development needs. Of particular interest, are working partners. These are individuals or groups that would invest in SCI and work with us in the development of some of the available products, new products or markets.

[1] This value is calculated from Total Revenues and it does not consider the first five years where the growth was 210% per year. Since this value will distort the long term analysis it has been eliminated from the calculations.

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