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Instrument Repairs (RMA)

Instrument Repairs (RMA)

Repairs Overview

Once you have contacted support, our technical support team will inform you whether your instrument is still under warranty or if you are financially responsible for its repair. See the section Returning Goods to Sciencetech below for specific details about instrument returns. DO NOT send any instrument to Sciencetech without receiving prior consent and following the instructions in Returning Goods to Sciencetech.

Warranty Repair

Sciencetech will repair the instrument at no cost. However, the shipping cost of returning the instrument to Sciencetech is the responsibility of the customer. Sciencetech will only pay the shipping cost of returning the instrument back to your destination after repairs. Note that if the instrument returned to Sciencetech for warranty repairs is found to be non-defective and in working order, it will be returned to the customer at their own expense.

Non-Warranty Repair

Sciencetech will repair the instrument for a fixed price that includes parts and labor. However, you will need to return the instrument to Sciencetech for an inspection and repair quotation.
A minimum diagnostic fee for the returned instrument of $350USD will apply, so please check with our customer support first.
Sciencetech will not repair your instrument until you have approved the repair quotation. The cost of the diagnostic fee will be encompassed in the total repair cost. If you prefer not to have the instrument repaired after receiving the repair quotation, Sciencetech will return your instrument at your cost.
Note: All repairs carry a 30-day warranty on parts and workmanship.

Returning Goods to Sciencetech and Shipping

Our Customer Support Department will provide you with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number whenever you return your instrument for warranty or non-warranty repairs. You must reference this RMA number in your return shipment. Sending your instrument without the RMA number & harmonized code below may result in the customer being charged for incurred customs charges. Sciencetech will not pay customs fees for RMA returns.
International returns must include these essential shipping documents:
  • Commercial Invoice
  • The original Certificate of Origin (included with the original shipment of the equipment)
  • Packing list, which will be supplied by Sciencetech, which must be placed inside the shipping container

Sciencetech will provide you with a template for completing the commercial invoice. The template includes information required by Canada Customs for approval for entry into Canada. Please include complete details in the Customs Declaration section of the Commercial Invoice:
It is essential that harmonized Custom Code 9813.00.00.95 appears on paper and electronic documentation and/or reporting, including:
  • Shipping Company Waybill
  • Commercial Invoice: Sciencetech uses the value on the original invoice as the Declared value for customs. In cases where a fraction of the original equipment is being returned Sciencetech will provide the value to declare for customs for the returned portion of the original equipment. Please verify the declared value for customs is within limits set by your country of export.
Failure to include the above information may result in the customer being invoiced for any Customs charges incurred by Sciencetech.
Please follow Sciencetech’s instructions for packing equipment before returning to Sciencetech.
Sciencetech’s warranty does not cover damages caused by improper packaging for returned shipments. It may be advisable to insure your shipment both to and from Sciencetech; Sciencetech will be pleased to insure warranty and non-warranty return shipments at additional cost to the customer.

Packaging and Shipping Guidelines

  1. Sciencetech levies a packing and handling fee to cover the cost of packing the order. This fee is in addition to the shipping cost and will be levied regardless of whether the customer makes their own shipping arrangements or not.
  2. The buyer shall pay all transportation, handling, insurance, taxes, license fees, import, export and customs fees and duties, tariffs and other charges related to the products or services purchased hereunder. If claiming tax exemption, buyer must provide Sciencetech with valid tax exemption certificates.
  3. All products will be delivered FOB (for domestic shipments) or EXW (for international shipments), Sciencetech's designated factory. Upon delivery of the Products to the carrier, title to the products (except for title to any software which shall at all times remain with Sciencetech) shall pass from Sciencetech to the buyer, and the buyer shall assume all risk of loss or damage unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing. In no event shall Sciencetech be liable for any delay in delivery (provided that Sciencetech delivers the products to the carrier in a timely fashion), or assume any liability in connection with shipment, nor shall the carrier be deemed an agent of Sciencetech.
  4. Applicable taxes, duties, and brokerage fees are not included in the quote and are the buyer’s responsibility. Canada has no export taxes to international destinations, but the customer may be subject to local import duties and associated brokerage fees in their own country.
  5. If a customer accepts partial delivery, Sciencetech will individually invoice for partial payment of that delivery according to the current applicable payment terms. Due to extra delivery, shipping charges will appear separately on each invoice, corresponding to the cost of shipping.

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