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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

A list of organizations that we are proud to be partnered with for novel technical projects.

Canadian National Research Council

From the very beginning of its corporate life, our company has benefitted from the support available from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) to promote research and development. Since it is essential for innovative companies like Sciencetech to have the support of the academic community, NRC-IRAP has been instrumental in making available programs for technical and scientific developments, in particular, with Ontario-based universities. We had the good fortune to achieve some excellent results in some of these developments that were supported by the NRC-IRAP.

Over our more than 30 years of business, many postdoctoral employees were hired with the financial support of the Natural Sciences and Research Engineering Council (NSERC) under some of their postdoctoral programs like the Industrial R&D Fellowship (IRDF) program.

Other government agencies have also supported Sciencetech’s operation, most of the time by sharing the cost of hiring inexperienced workers and new Canadians. In particular, we want to acknowledge the help received from the Federal Government of Canada for the Graduate Enterprise Internship and to the Provincial Government of Ontario through the Ontario Centre of Excellence for the First Job Internship program.

We hope that the good results achieved in the past, and the present level of innovation that Sciencetech is capable of offering the global research community, will keep on benefiting from the partnerships with these organizations. They are key elements for this company and for many other Canadian companies in similar markets to succeed and to continue our contribution to our local, provincial, national, and international communities.

Dr. Thomas Timusk Far Infrared Laboratory at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ont. Canada)

Professor Timusk’s research on the use of infrared radiation continues to supply our company with a unique source of knowledge that allows our instruments, like the THz FTIR Model SPS-300, to be applied to advanced fields of research and applications around the world.

Many researchers benefit from this association with Professor Timusk, his past and present scientific work in physics and in particular on the optical properties of quantum materials such as high temperature superconductors as well as novel instrumentation used in infrared spectroscopy. We are greatly thankful to Dr. Timusk for offering his support for so many years and we want to express this corporation’s continued and deep gratitude.

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