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Photovoltaic Solar Cell Testing

Photovoltaic Solar Cell Testing

For quality and testing conversion efficiencies in solar cells

Simulating sunlight inside an indoor space can be a critical requirement in developing and testing photovoltaic devices. Key parameters such as the spectral match, spatial non-uniformity and temporal stability of the simulated output beam play a critical role in determining accurate current-voltage characteristics of solar cells. Therefore, we at Sciencetech strive to design solar simulators that will produce light that matches closest to the characteristics of sunlight.

Sciencetech has been designing and manufacturing solar simulators and photovoltaic testing systems for over 34 years. And our systems have been used by researchers and engineers all over the world for quality assurance, research and development work related to the solar cell manufacturing industry.

From off the shelf products to tailor made solar simulators and PV testing equipment, Sciencetech designs and manufactures equipment that fits right in with your research and testing requirements. Our engineering team continues to provide solutions to support our clients with meticulous designs, stringent quality control testing and onsite installation assistance.

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Terrestrial PV Testing

Testing photo voltaic equipment under terrestrial environments require solar simulators to produce light that represents geometric and atmospheric conditions on earth. Depending on the atmospheric depth and solar angles, the reference solar spectrum can have different spectral variations. An air mass filter is commonly used to simulate the spectral irradiance of the reference solar spectrum. Most commonly used air mass filter is AM1.5G filter which have been used in all our standard solar simulators.

Our solar simulators have been used to test many different solar cell devices and modules such as silicon solar cells, Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline, Thin Film Solar Cells, Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells, Cadmium Telluride, Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, Concentrated PV and various hybrid and multi junction solar cells.

Terrestrial PV Testing

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Extraterrestrial PV Testing

Most space crafts and satellites require maintaining and generating power while operating outside the upper atmosphere / space. Therefore such space missions frequently use photovoltaic array systems to fulfill power requirements by harnessing the optical power from the sun. Testing the performance reliability of these photovoltaic devices requires rigorous testing inside labs that simulate extraterrestrial conditions. For this, simulating sun conditions found in space environments is of utmost importance. Our solar simulator systems:

Can produce extra-terrestrial solar spectrums such as AM0
Has the capability to be inserted within vacuum chambers
Durable in extreme temperature and weather conditions
Provides automated temperature regulation / cooling
Has clean room compatibility

Concentrated Photovoltaic Testing (CPV)

Highly Concentrated Solar Simulation

Highly Concentrated Solar Simulators

Our highly concentrated solar simulators have been used to test the optical and electrical properties of multi junction solar cells. Such solar simulators have the capability to concentrate irradiance at the target in the range of tens to hundreds of suns.

The simulated irradiation characteristics comply with class A spectral match for the full solar spectrum.

A number of custom highly concentrated solar simulators have also been developed at Sciencetech with the capacity to illuminate at 1000s of suns.

Highly Collimated Solar Simulation

Highly Collimated Solar Simulators

Optical components such as the concentrating optics of CPV systems are often tested with a highly collimated solar simulator. Solar simulators used for CPV system testing requires to simulate light extremely close to the sun’s collimation angle.

Sciencetech produces a number of standard and custom highly collimated solar simulator systems to comply with our customers’ research requirements.

With our highly customizable and advance optical systems, we have been able to produce light at a collimation half angle of 0.35° with AAA classifications.

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