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(SSIVT-2KF) Current-Voltage Measurement System (IV Tester) - with BI100 - for Flash Sim

The SSIVT is a complete electrical current-voltage (I-V) measurement system used to characterize photovoltaic cell performance. This current-voltage tester works by sampling current at different voltages of the photovoltaic cell with a variable impedance load. The system can generate I-V curve of samples like Solar cells.

This I-V Measurement System has a 4 wire Kelvin configuration to remove the resistance effects of the leads and bias the cell at specific voltages.

The I-V Measurement System SSIVT-2KF includes:

A) Keithley SMU, Model 2400 and BI100 loadbooster system
- Power: 2000W
- Max V: 200V
- Max I: 10A
BI100 provides 100x current multiplication when on 0.1A scale of K2400

B) Sciencetech’s SciPV: IV Software for Windows-based control.
- Windows 7/10 32/64bit

C) RS232 to USB dongle

Additional monitoring electronics are provided for flash IV measurement capability

The SSIVT-20KF works with all Sciencetech Flash Solar Simulators.

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SKU 175-9100
Name (SSIVT-1KF) Current-Voltage Measurement System (IV Tester) - 1000W Version for Flash Solar Simulators


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