(UHE-NL-250) Class A Solar Simulator Work Station 250x250mm Target Size

Class: AAA
Target Size: 250mm x 250 mm
Working Distance: 650mm
1600W Lamp Included
Integrated touch screen control unit
RS232 interface and software for remote operation included
Includes air mass filter AM1.5G (160-8023) and computer-controlled shutter.

58,600.00 58600.0 USD


SKU: 166-9030

Category: Solar Simulators

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Additional Information

SKU 166-9030
Name (UHE-NL-250) Class A Solar Simulator Work Station 250x250mm Target Size
Target Size 250x250mm
Typical Power Output 1 Sun
Collimation Angle 9 degrees half angle
Uniformity Classification Class A
Temporal Instability Classification Class A
Spectral Match Classification Class A
Working Distance 650mm
Lamp Power 1600W
Power Requirements 220-240V/50Hz 10A
Intensity on Target 1 Sun
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Solar Simulator Type Steady-State
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