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(500-1k) 1000W Adjustable Power Supply for Xe and HgXe Lamps

The Sciencetech 500-1K is a variable DC power supply for Xenon (Xe) and Mercury Xenon (Hg-Xe) arc lamps from 500 W to 1kW. It can drive lamps with a voltage of up to 25V and currents up to 50A. This power supply can be used with an internal or external igniter (not included). This power supply is compatible with FS-02 optical feedback unit.
This power supply is compatible with Sciencetech models 200-1K and 201-1K arc lamp housings.

Digital display: power in watts, current in amps, voltage in volts
Manual current adjustment
Operates as a constant current source

As the current setting is adjustable, the actual value of power, voltage or current of the lamp is shown on a LCD digital display.
Input Voltage Requirements
Please note that this power supply requires 100-240VAC input voltage with line current 12A from input voltage 115V line or line current 6A from 240V line.
Preliminary Specifications
Input Voltage: 100VAC-240VAC
Power: 500W-1KW
Output Current: 10A-50A

Boost Voltage: 250V
Boost Energy: 10 Joules
Ignition Voltage: >30KV (~1usec rise time)
Ignition Energy: 0.5 Joules

Lamp Connectors: PS50GR/PS50GB Superior Electric Supercon

Line Regulation: <0.02% of maximum output current
Current Regulation: <0.5% of maximum output current
Current Ripple: <0.5% of maximum output current
Power Limit: Limited to maximum power with power fold-back circuit
Power factor correction: >98%
Overall efficiency: >80%
Input line frequency range: 47-63Hz

Operating Temp: 0 to 40
Storage: -25 to 85
Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing

Cooling: Forced air with internal fans

Weight: 6kg
Size: 5.5” (H) x 13” x 17”
Rack mountable standard

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SKU 150-9005
Name (500-1k) 1000W Adjustable Power Supply for Xe and HgXe Lamps
Light Source Type Xenon and Mercury-Xenon


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