9150SD - Single and Double Pass High Resolution 1.5 meter Monochromator

The 9150 is Sciencetech's largest monochromator with a 1.5m focal length. Under optimum conditions with a 2400 l/mm grating it can achieve a resolution of 0.004 nm in single pass mode. 9150SD includes an optical module that allows the unit to be configured in a double pass mode as well, effectively doubling the focal length to 3m and achievable resolution to 0.002 nm. It utilizes large 102 x 102 mm gratings for high light throughput (f/12 aperture). The 9150SD accommodates one grating on a removable, kinematic mount that allows the user to manually swap one grating for another without losing alignment.
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SKU: 120-9150

Category: High Resolution Series

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Additional Information

SKU 120-9150
Name 9150SD - Single and Double Pass High Resolution 1.5 meter Monochromator
Focal Length Range Longer than 500mm
Nominal Resolution Range < 0.004nm
f/# range Greater than 10
Dispersion Range Less than 1.8nm/mm
Linear Reciprocal Dispersion 0.25 nm/mm
Optical Axis Height 200.5 mm
Focal Length 1.5x2 m
Resolution (with 1200l/mm grating) 0.0063 nm
Special Features single/double pass high resolution 1.5 m
Available Grating Sizes 273
Wavelength Accuracy 0.02 nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.002 nm
Grating Size 104mm x 104mm
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