(PMH-01-HR) Photon Counting PMT Module

The Sciencetech PMH-01 Photon Counting Module is self-contained compact unit incorporating PMT tube, high-speed amplifier, discriminator, and high voltage power supply. The output signal (train of pulses, the number of which corresponds to the number of detected photons) can be sent via a BNC connector, to an external counting/displaying circuit. The PMH-01 outputs digital signal (pulses) only. There is no analog output port.

The photon counting head used has low power consumption (max 0.5W). It is already adjusted for best S/N ratio. There is no additional adjustment necessary to start the operation.

Parameter Value
Operating Temperature Range +5 to + 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range -20 to +50 °C
Effective Area 4 x 6 sq.mm
Spectral Response 185 to 900 nm
Dark Count (Typical) 400 cps
Dark Count (Max.) 800 cps
Counting Linearity 2.5 Mcps
Pulse Pair Resolution 35 ns
Output Pulse Width 30 ns
Output Logic TTL, positive
Input Voltage +5 V
Input Current at 2.5 Mcps Output max. 80 mA
Output Signal Cable RG-174/U

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SKU 125-9018
Name PMH-01-HR Photon Counting PMT Module
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