(NIR-PMT) Near InfraRed Photomultiplier Tube System 950 - 1700nm

The NIR-PMT is contained in a thermally insulated, sealed-off housing evacuated to a high vacuum. Simple operation by air cooled TE cooler. It is a high sensitivity detector with a large detection area of 18mm for collimated light. It includes a HV power supply with interlock function.
Fast response time
Rise Time: 900 ps
TTS: 300 ps
This unit includes the housing, power supply, and detector components, but does not include mounting to a monochromator or sample chamber. Please include mounting separately.

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SKU: 125-9010

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SKU 125-9010
Name Near InfraRed Photomultiplier Tube System (NIR-PMT): 950 - 1700nm
Spectral Region NIR
Active Area (diameter or square) 10+mm
Active Area (diameter or square) 10+mm
Temperature Control 108
AC or DC Coupling DC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Single
Detector Type 124,121
Spectral Range (nm) 950 - 1700
Detector Material 235,239
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) not applicable
Responsivity 25 mA/W
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