(CCD-S3600-D-UV) Advanced Digital CCD Line Camera

Alphalas 3648 pixel linear CCD.
UV to IR spectral range 200 - 1100 nm, 16-bit ADC, large 32 MB of fast DDR2 onboard RAM, max. 269.5 fps, high-speed USB 2.0
Housing: 90 x 25 x 105 mm (W x H x D)
Comes with specific USB power/signal cable for interfacing to a computer.
Works with Sciencetech SciSpec Software integrating camera readout and monochromator position information. This camera is also compatible with LabView. A C++ programming library is available for this camera at extra cost.

This camera can also be triggered using TTL signals making it a perfect option for interfacing with Sciencetech's high speed shutters for decay measurements.

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SKU: 124-9045

Category: Detectors

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Additional Information

SKU 124-9045
Name (CCD-S3600-D-UV) Advanced Digital CCD Line Camera
Spectral Region 89,87,88
Active Area (diameter or square) 10+mm
Active Area (diameter or square) 10+mm
Temperature Control Non-cooled
AC or DC Coupling AC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Multichannel
Horizontal Pixel Range Greater than 1024
Detector Type CCD
Spectral Range (nm) 320 - 1100 nm; 200-1100 with UV option
Detector Material 241
Responsivity 160 V/(lx s)
Number of Pixels 3648
Pixel Size (HxV) 8x200 um
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