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(SciVidi) Calibrated Spectroradiometer

The SciVidi spectroradiometer is an integrated spectrordadiometer system designed to measure bot AC and continuous wave light sources such as solar simulators over a wide spectral range.
The standard SciVidi system includes two spectral dispersion systems with integrated diode array detectors for measuring spectral irradiance from 300-2000nm. The SciVidi is calibrated for spectral irradiance with a Deuterium and calibrated quartz tungsten halogen lamp. The spectroradiometer can measure spectral irradiance in time intervals as short as 500uS and can be synchronized with a TTL pulse. A cosine corrected optical head is connected to the spectroradiometer by a 2m fiber optic.

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Category: Spectroradiometer For Detector Characterization

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Additional Information

SKU 120-9047
Name (SciVidi) Calibrated Spectroradiometer
Focal Length Range Up to 100mm
Focal Length Range Up to 200mm
Nominal Resolution Range < 0.5nm
f/# range Up to 3.4
Focal Length 1/8 meter
Resolution (with 1200l/mm grating) N/A
Special Features full range spectroradiometer
Available Grating Sizes 278
Wavelength Accuracy <0.5nm
Grating Size 50mm x 50mm


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