Application Scientist


Sciencetech Inc. (SCI) is a global designer and manufacturer of optical spectroscopic instrumentation. We manufacture detection systems, light sources, spectrometers, and many accessories and custom made spectroscopic systems. SCI also manufactures and sells a complete line of photovoltaic instruments and solar simulators. Most of SCI customers belong to the academic and industrial research communities. We have two openings for Application Scientists.

These positions require good scientific knowledge about physics in general and spectroscopic systems in particular. They are intended to scientifically and technically support our engineers who are required to develop new spectroscopic systems for researchers or for industrial new developments. The Application Scientist will work with them, making available the scientific information they require for the successful manufacturing, testing and delivery of the new spectroscopic system our customer need.

The successful candidate will be involved with the scientific/technical discussions related to these new electro-optical systems. She/he will have the responsibility to specify the requested design characteristics with the SCI Engineering Department. The design and manufacturing will take place at our facilities in London, Ontario.

Since considerable activity is currently focusing on Solar Energy developments, the Application Scientist will be frequently addressing new systems for solar cell research and new technologies for the manufacturing and testing of solar panels and cells.

Work Responsibilities:

  • Discuss the technical and scientific performance of the system with the end user.
  • Promote Sciencetech Instrumentation Systems to existing clients and new applications.
  • Interface with Sales and Engineering teams.
  • Identify and contact prospects and clients among the academic research community.
  • Assess client's needs and resources; be competent about new spectroscopic and research grade light source instrumentation and technologies.
  • Develop technical reports and proposals to illustrate benefits from the use of the Sciencetech’s line of Modular Instrumentation.
  • Support the scientific and technical needs of our representatives around the world.
  • Consult with clients after sales to provide ongoing support and possible new sales.

A Masters or Ph.D degree in Physics or Analytical Chemistry is required. Candidates qualifying for NSERC Fellowship are desirable.

Essential Skills:

  • Ability to read and understand complex scientific publications and data sheets.
  • Writing scientific papers and technical product descriptions.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Working as a part of a team environment.
  • Problem Solving abilities.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Task planning and organization.
  • Finding information using modern media.
  • Computer Use for Microsoft Office necessary, ODOO experience an asset.
  • Previous experience related to business development is desirable.


Please send a cover letter and resume to Mr. Alex Quaglia - or call +1 519-644-0135 ext. 109

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