Electrochemical Workstation

 Sciencetech is pleased to represent Zahner in Canada. With 40 years of experience in the field, Zahner’s high-quality electrochemical instruments are backed by years of expertise. Zahner’s systems are an excellent choice for many applications such as corrosion testing, photoelectrochemistry, fuel cell testing, and Li-ion battery testing.


The core of the Zahner instrumentation is an electrochemical workstation. With the Zennium, Zennium E, Zennium-pro, and Zennium-X, there is a workstation available to support the most advanced techniques, as well as a cost-effective option for more straightforward applications. Supported by the Thales software, many different techniques can be accessed from the same software interface, making the Zahner line convenient and easy to use.


With modular components to add on, accessories for your specific technique can be simply and easily added to your workstation, customizing your setup for your specific requirements.


For photoelectrochemistry, the CIMPS instruments are a powerful choice. With a light source included and kept stable by a control loop, considerations such as non-linearity, ageing, and temperature drift no longer need be considered. The package includes the light source (driven by an included slave potentiostat), optical bench, photoelectrochemical cell, and all required software. For QE and IPCE measurements, consider the CIMPS-QE/IPCE package, including all necessary components to collect QE and IPCE measurements from your sample.


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Electrochemical Workstations Models 


With the following electrochemical workstations available as a base, you can perform many measurements with the workstation alone or choose add-ons to customize your capabilities for your specific requirements:



Zennium X

Zennium pro


Zennium E

Upper frequency limit

12 MHz

8 MHz

4 MHz

2 MHz

Current range

±4.0 A

±3.0 A

±2.5 A

±2.0 A

Input Impedance

>10 TΩ || 5 pF

>10 TΩ || 5 pF

1 TΩ || 5 pF

10 TΩ || 5 pF

Extension slots





Maximum parallel channels (PAD4)





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