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SCIENCETECH is continuing to operate with increased health and safety measures!

In accordance with the Province of Ontario's designation of Research and Development as an Essential Service, Sciencetech is proud to continue our work during this difficult period. The Company would like to assure our customers, vendors, and stakeholders that we are doing everything in our power to maintain safe and efficient business during these challenging times.


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Solar Simulators and Spectroscopy Instrumentation

Sciencetech manufactures Light sources, Solar Simulators, Monochromators and other optical Spectroscopy Instruments.

Our configurable products can help you find a solution to suit your research goals.



On the cutting edge of research? Our extensive customization experience will find a solution where standard products fall short. Visit our web to know more about our custom projects.


Custom light source capabilities include:

  • Small collimation angle
  • Large area illumination
  • Full automation
  • Vacuum compatibility
  • Clean room compatibility
  • Customized, opto-mechanical moving systems

Light sources designed with researchers in mind.

Build the light source you need using our configurable product line. Solar simulators and research grade light sources feature a full line of compatible accessories

Standard options include:

  • Xenon, mercury-xenon, and mercury short arc
  • Collimated or focused output
  • Shutters
  • Filters
  • Beam Turners
  • Sample Chambers

Spectroscopy measurements from UVC to Longwave IR.

Browse or contact our technical team about our monochromators, detectors, data acquisition systems, and modular spectroscopy components. Our products can serve all of your spectral characterization and detection requirements

Standard options include:

  • Single or double monochromators
  • Multiple input and output port options
  • Resolution from 1 nm to 0.001 nm
  • Wavelengths from 200 nm to 5 mm
  • Single or multichannel detectors
  • Imaging options
  • Drivers for system-design platforms

Want to know more?

Browse our wide range of past custom projects and start envisioning what your lab could do with the power of SCIENCETECH.

Discuss your individual needs with one of Sciencetech’s knowledgeable salespeople. We can talk specifications and get you started with a quote.

View our collection of technical resources to inform your decision.