Modular IV Test Equipment

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  1. 590-0172

    (BBT-03) Broadband Thermopile Detector - 3W

    This Broadband Thermopile Detector allows the measurement of infrared light in the 0.19 – 20 µm range. This detector has a 12mm diameter sensor, measures up to 3 W with the maximum noise of 1 µW. Please note that this detector head requires either an external display controller or computer interface (sold separately) to show the measured power. The price shown includes the detector head, post, post holder, and base only. Learn More
  2. 590-0220-new

    (BBT-3000) Detector, 4kW Power, Water Cooled, 100mm Aperture

    4kW max average power, 100mm aperture, water-cooled. Doesn't require monitor, includes USB cable and PC-HP application software.

    Sensitivity 0.4 mW/W,
    rise time 7 sec,
    spectral range 0.19-20um. Learn More
  3. SOL-METER-D Power Meter with Detector

    (SOL-METER - D) Solar Reference Detector with Power Meter

    This product consists of the Sciencetech SOL-METER and our SSIVT-REF sun calibrated reference detector. The SOL-METER is a digital meter for use with solar calibrated detectors such as detector models SSIVT-REF or SC-LT. The meter converts detector measurements to a Sun value. It has a handheld meter that is compact, has a sturdy design, and is appropriate for indoor or outdoor applications.
    The Sciencetech Reference Detector, which is an integral part of solar simulator calibration and solar cell I-V characterization, consists of a calibrated solar detector made of silicon.
    The Reference Detector comes with calibration data taken by Sciencetech, calibrating it to a NIST-certified solar cell, on an accompanying certificate. It reads solar simulator irradiance in "sun" units; one sun is equal to 1,000 W/m^2, at 25 degrees Celsius and Air Mass 1.5 Global.
    This tool's primary use is the testing of photovoltaic cells under standard conditions. Learn More
  4. ssivt

    (SSIVT-REF) SSIVT Reference Detector

    The Sciencetech SSIVT-REF single element silicon detector is designed to be used for monitoring and verifying the Sun level of solar simulators. The SSIVT-REF detector is used effective in sensing wavelengths between 190 nm and 1100 nm and is calibrated to the sun. The SSIVT-REF detector is used with SSIVT-1KF IV measurement system it can also be used with the Sciencetech SOL-METER solar power meter.

    Rise time: 0.2 μs
    Effective active area: 5.7 sqmm Learn More

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