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The Sciencetech Model SSIVT is an electrical current voltage measurement system used to characterize photovoltaic cell performance. This “IV Tester” works by setting the voltage and measuring the current while keeping the light source constant. The integrated software is used to operate the system, measures the reference cell and temperature during IV measurements, generates and operates the solar cell IV measurement procedure and allows the customer calibration of a reference cell. It allows the tester to create multiple sequential pulses (typically 10~100 points selectable) to complete the IV curve measurements.

The Software interface and control programs are designed for operation with Keithley 2400 series source meters.

SciPV: IV Measurement Software included

Sciencetech SciPV:IV desktop application allows for the sequencing of generic source-meters to run current voltage scans. SciPV:IV is configured for four-wire (probe) measurement. The software also gives the user the ability to configure measurement parameters like samples per point, IV points per measurement, sweep direction, etc. Files can also be loaded back into SciPV:IV for review.

SciPV:IV Measurement Software Results:

  • - Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
  • - Short Circuit Current (Isc)
  • - Maximum Power (Pmax)
  • - Fill Factor
  • - Optimal Voltage
  • - Optimal Current
  • - Optimal Load
  • - Series Resistance
  • - Shunt Resistance
  • - Average Optical Power
  • - Cell Efficiency
  • - Thermal coefficients measurements (Optional Upgrade).

IV testing Measurements Equipment Models

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