Sciencetech has a large selection of "stand alone" and "open architecture" off-the-shelf and custom made products for researchers using spectroscopy or working with photovoltaics.

We offer technical staff to help with the development of custom systems for special applications. Since 1985, Sciencetech has manufactured Modular Instrumentation for Spectroscopy, TeraHertz FTIRs, Highly Collimated Large Solar Simulators, Flash and Continuous Solar Simulators, Photovoltaic Instrumentation, Quantum Efficiency and Spectral Response Systems, Spectrophotometers/radiometers, Monochromators, Detection Systems, and Light Sources to offer to the global research community through a network of representatives.




Solar Simulation 

Far Infared System (THz) 

Modular Spectroscopy

Light Sources



Sciencetech product design 


SCIENCETECH has built a reputation on custom solutions.  Whether you need a small modification to an existing system or a completely novel design built from the ground up to meet your technical specifications, Sciencetech's engineering and optical design teams are ready to help.


SCIENCETECH prides itself on our ability to build custom solutions and systems to the most exacting of specifications. Whether you need higher sensitivity, better throughput, more power, better spectral matching, higher resolution, or any other variable modified to give you exactly what you need, our team of engineers, physicists, and optical designers stand ready to provide you with a solution that will meet your technical requirements.


SCIENCETECH'S PRODUCT PORTFOLIO PRESENTATION Review and download our last Portfolio Presentation. HERE.

SCIENCETECH'S SOLAR SIMULATORS IN ACTION - The European Commission just released an article involving the use of Sciencetech's solar simulators in their new facility. Read the full article HERE.