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(9040F-1G) High Resolution Half-Meter F5.2 Monochromator with Single Grating Turret

Sku: 120-9031

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The Sciencetech 9040 is a half meter, high performance monochromator/spectrograph. It supports large size gratings for high light throughput: three sizes are available: 64 x 64mm, 84 x 84 mm, and 102 x 102mm which allow it to achieve apertures of f/6.9, f/5.2 and f/4.0 respectiveley. This version is f/5.2, and suitable for use with up to 84x84mm sized ruled or holographic reflection gratings.
The 9040 is based on the Czerny-Turner optical configuration. The 9040 supports both single grating and triple grating turrete configurations. This version is the single grating turret version and supports a single large size grating mounted on a rotating turret for wavelength selection. The grating is installed on a removable kinematic mount and can be manually swapped with other gratings without disruption to the optical alignment. The 9040 is also available in double additive and double subtractive versions to obtain even higher resolution or to minimize stray light.
The kinematic single grating mount (that can be exchanged with other gratings) can be upgraded to an automated three or four grating turret (F/# dependent).

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Additional Information

Name (9040F-1G) High Resolution Half-Meter F5.2 Monochromator with Single Grating Turret
SKU 120-9031
Optical Axis Height 139 mm
Resolution (with 1200l/mm grating) 0.03 nm
Grating Size 90mm x 90mm
Wavelength Accuracy 0.05 nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.025 nm
Linear Reciprocal Dispersion 1.53 nm/mm
Focal Length input: 500mm output: 550mm
Special Features High Resolution


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