(MCT-14-20-E-LN) Detector - MCT Cryogenic Receiver, LN2 cooled 2x2mm Square

This single element detector is effective at sensing wavelengths between 2,000nm and 15,000nm. Please note that it is available in various sizes and includes a dewar to hold liquid nitrogen (to lower dark current and improved signal to noise). To operate this detector liquid nitrogren is required. As with most IR detectors MCT detectors are coupled to AC preamplifiers which means they detect changes in light levels. Generally the light signal being detected is modulated with a chopper or the source itself is modulated, such as a pulsed laser source. When using a chopper to modulate the input signal generally a lock-in amplifier is used to demodulate the signal. The output signal from the MCT is an analog signal available through a BNC on the back of the detector housing. Since the signal is analog, an optional 12-bit or 16-bit data acquistion system and software is available (sold separately).
The MCT detector includes a preamplier. This system also requires a power supply (sold separately, compatible with the PS-1/LIA 590-0106 when a lock in amplifier and power supply is required or PS-1 590-0006 when only a power supply is required).
To connect this detector to a Sciencetech monochromator use the cryogenic detector mount P/# 125-8016

Active Area: 2 mm x 2mm sq.
Operating Wavelength: 2 – 15um
Resistance -ohms [ typ ]: 20 - 100
Time Constant: 0.5 µs
Detectivity [ cm-Hz½/W ]: > 5 x 10^10
Package: LN Dewar

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Additional Information

SKU 584-6002
Name (MCT-14-20-E-LN) Detector - MCT Cryogenic Receiver, LN2 cooled 2x2mm Square
Spectral Region NIR
Active Area (diameter or square) 4mm
Temperature Control 109
AC or DC Coupling AC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Single
Detector Type Infrared
Spectral Range (nm) 2000 - 15000+
Detector Material 232
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) >4 E10
Responsivity 1.0 E5 V/W
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