(SS2.5kW-UV) 2500W UV Solar Simulator

A 2.5kW Solar Simulator specifically designed to maximize UV radiation throughput. Utilizing Sciencetech's proprietary Fully Reflective design and specially designed UV filters, the SS2.5kW produces more UV energy while maintaining Class A solar spectrum for the rest of the spectral range.
Please note that the wavelength definition of UVA and UVB in the COLIPA sun screen testing community is slightly different from the general scientific community.
General Definition UVA 315nm-400nm UVB 280nm-315nm
Sunscreen definition UVA 320nm-400nm UVB 290nm-320nm
Please discuss your specific spectral needs when ordering from your authorized Sciencetech technical sales member.

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Additional Information

SKU 165-9021
Name (SS2.5kW-UV) 2500W UV Solar Simulator
Target Size 20 cm
Typical Power Output 31 W
Collimation Angle 3 (half)
Uniformity Classification A class
Temporal Instability Classification A class
Spectral Match Classification COLIPA pass
Working Distance 105 cm
Lamp Power 2.5 kW
Power Requirements 100-265VAC/40A
Target Size Diameter 17.1 to 50cm
Target Size Square 12.1x12.1 to 50x50cm
Intensity on Target Up to 2 Sun
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Solar Simulator Type Steady-State
Solar Simulator Type
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