(SCIDTGS-PE) Low Noise DTGS TeraHertz Detector

Sciencetech's proprietary wideband detector design comes packaged in our standard "hockey puck" enclosure (2" diameter x 1" high) and is connectorized to be powered directly from the Stanford SR-810/830 type lock-in amplifiers,
The spectral range is limited by high density polyethylene window.
The detector WILL saturate on the visible light from the lamp. After alignment, cover the entire input opening of the detector head with thin black polyethylene to prevent undesired visible light from overloading the detector.
This detector is suitable for direct connection to Stanford SR-830 lockin preamp power. When using the Stanford lock-in, the signal overload indicator will light just before the detector saturates.The SCIDTGS-PE detector is suitable for testing FTIR alignment and material transmission measurements without special cooling.
Upon installation, the optical system MUST be re-aligned to image the iris of the light source onto the detector element. This may require rotating the entire detector head to an optimum position and/or adjusting mirrors and re-focusing.
Element size 2.0 mm dia.
Spectral bandwidth Limited by High Density Polyethylene window
Sensitivity 133,000 volts per watt HDPE Window
Frequency response 8.8Hz - 265Hz (-3db points)
N.E.P. 1x10-10 watts (100Hz, 1Hz BW)

Power requirements: +/- 15 to +/- 24 volts max @ +/- 8 mA max.
Power connections: DB-9M Pins 2,3,4,5,9 no connection
+V In Pin 1
-V In Pin 6
Common Pin 7
Case GND Pin 8
Suitable for direct connection to Stanford SR-830 lockin preamp power (not included).

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Additional Information

SKU 126-0004
Name (SCIDTGS-PE) Low Noise DTGS TeraHertz Detector
Spectral Region 221,222,89,87,88
Active Area (diameter or square) 2mm
Temperature Control Non-cooled
AC or DC Coupling AC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Single
Detector Type Thermopile/Pyroelectric
Spectral Range (nm) 100nm-4mm (Further attenuated by HDPE Window)
Detector Material 229
NEP 1.0e-10 Watts
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) not applicable
Responsivity 133,000 V/W (HDPE Window)
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