(SCI425CMBO) Large Area Terahertz Detector

Sciencetech's proprietary wideband detector design comes packaged in our standard "hockey puck" enclosure (2" diameter x 1" high) and is connectorized to be powered directly from the Stanford SR-810/830 type lock-in amplifiers and optimized to utilize the full input range of these
lock-ins for FTIR applications.
Features of our SCI425CMB0:
This detector is not hygroscopic and may be operated indefinitely under normal atmospheric conditions and at temperatures beyond 100oC. A selection of windows is available to limit spectral response.

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SKU 126-0003
Name (SCI425CMBO) Large Area Terahertz Detector
Spectral Region 221,222,89,87,88
Active Area (diameter or square) 5mm
Temperature Control Non-cooled
AC or DC Coupling AC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Single
Detector Type Thermopile/Pyroelectric
Spectral Range (nm) 100nm - 3mm
Detector Material 231
NEP 6.6E-10 W
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) not applicable
Responsivity 16kV/W
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