Warranty and Returns



Sciencetech wishes to provide each and every customer with the best product experience possible. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with any of your Sciencetech products, help is always available. You may contact our customer support department at:


Dr. James Francis Ph.D.

Sciencetech Customer Support Manager


+1 519 644 0135 x118


In order to best serve you in a timely manner, please have as much of the following information as possible ready prior to contacting Sciencetech:


  • Model and serial number of each item in question, along with the delivery date.
  • Sciencetech Job Number (if there is a CD or flash drive shipped with the order, it will be written on the CD or flash drive).
  • A description of the problem(s) with as much detail as possible.
  • If contacting by email, please send as many compressed JPEG pictures as possible that illustrate the problem(s).


Every attempt will be made to resolve the problem remotely through a variety of means, including remote software diagnostics, etc. If the solution is to return the equipment to Sciencetech for diagnostics and repairs, please see the Sciencetech Instrument Repair Procedure section below. Note that out-of-warranty inquiries are always welcome, and Sciencetech would be pleased to arrange a solution to your problem and provide quotations for non-warranty repairs. Sciencetech's warranty policy is listed below in the Warranty section for reference.





  1. All Sciencetech Inc. products have a limited warranty applicable for a period of one year from the time of delivery (consumable items such as arc lamps are exempted). Any component of a Sciencetech system not directly manufactured by Sciencetech is covered by its own manufacturer’s warranty only and is not covered by Sciencetech’s limited warranty. 
  2. The Sciencetech limited warranty is only valid if the balance of the order has been paid in full, regardless of payment terms established prior, during, or after the conclusion of production. 
  3. Any products covered under the Sciencetech limited warranty states it will be free of defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service. The Sciencetech limited warranty is void if the product is improperly maintained, modified, misused or incorrectly installed.&nbsp
  4. Sciencetech must be notified in writing within the warranty period of any problem for the warranty to be valid. Products under the Sciencetech limited warranty will be replaced or repaired at Sciencetech’s option at no additional charge. Products being returned to Sciencetech for repair or exchange must have shipping, handling and/or insurance prepaid by customer. 
  5. Equipment returned to Sciencetech for warranty repairs that are found to be non-defective and in working order will be returned to the customer at their own expense. 
  6. Sciencetech will not pay bank guarantees in order that equipment may be returned to Sciencetech for warranty repairs. In addition, Sciencetech will not send new equipment to the client until the defective equipment has arrived at Sciencetech.
  7. Sciencetech is not liable for any consequences resulting from the use of Sciencetech instruments. Under all circumstances, maximum responsibility of Sciencetech is limited to the replacement of the instrument or unit. All customer special developments and research and development products are not covered by Sciencetech warranties unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing.



Sciencetech Instrument Repair Procedure


If your Sciencetech instrument or product is in need of repair, please notify our Customer Support  Department of your problem by e-mailing them at support{at}sciencetech-inc.com or calling them at +1 519 644 0135 x118. You will need to provide your name, product serial number(s), and the date of purchase. Our Technical Support Team will inform you whether your instrument is still under warranty or if you are financially responsible for its repair. Refer to the section Returning Goods to Sciencetech, Inc. below for specific details on instrument returns. DO NOT send any instrument to Sciencetech without following the instructions above and receiving prior consent.


Warranty Repair:

Sciencetech will repair the instrument at no cost. However, the shipping cost of returning the instrument to Sciencetech is the responsibility of the customer. Sciencetech will only pay the shipping cost of returning the instrument back to your destination after repairs. Note that if the instrument returned to Sciencetech for warranty repairs is found to be non-defective and in working order, it will be returned to the customer at their own expense.


Non-Warranty Repair:

Sciencetech will repair the instrument for a fixed price that includes parts and labor. However, you will need to return the instrument to Sciencetech for an inspection and repair quotation. A minimum diagnostic fee for the returned instrument of $350USD will apply, so please check with our Customer Support first. Sciencetech will not repair your instrument until you have approved the repair quotation. The cost of the diagnostic fee will be encompassed in the total repair cost. If you prefer not to have the instrument repaired after receiving the repair quotation, Sciencetech will return your instrument at your cost. Note: All repairs carry a 30 day warranty on parts and workmanship.



Returning Goods to Sciencetech, Inc.


  1. Our Customer Support Department will provide you with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number whenever you return your instrument for warranty or non-warranty repairs. You must reference this RMA number in your return shipment. Sending your instrument without the RMA # & harmonized code below may result in the customer being charged for incurred custom charges.
  2. Please complete the Sciencetech Instrument Repair Form and include it with your return shipment. This and other necessary forms are listed below.
  3. Essential shipping documents are: i) Commercial Invoice and ii) your country’s Exporting Declaration. The following information is required by Canada Customs for approval for entry into Canada. Please include complete details in the Customs Declaration section of the Commercial Invoice:
    • Harmonized Custom Code 9813.00.00.95 [for returning to Canada.] It is ESSENTIAL that these codes appear on paper and electronic documentation and/or reporting, including:
      1. Shipping Company Waybill
      2. Commercial Invoice
      3. Your country’s Export Declaration form.
    • Please include a copy of the original "Certificate of Origin" that came with the original shipping documents. If you do not have this, contact Customer Support and we will email you a copy.
    • Made in Canada instrument returned back to Canadian manufacturer for (warranty or non-warranty) repairs under RMA# 05X-XXXX.
    • Consignee (Canadian manufacturer) will be returning Made in Canada instrument back to Shipper (purchaser) after repairs are made.
    • Consignee (Canadian manufacturer) is NOT purchasing or re-purchasing this Made in Canada instrument.
    • Declare the value as indicated on the invoice for the order.
    • A Commercial Invoice form to be completed and included with returned shipment is available for download below, as is a sample completed form.
  4. Failure to include the above information may result in the customer being charged for Customs charges incurred by Sciencetech.
  5. Make sure the equipment is packaged well before shipping. Refer to the Packaging and Shipping Guidelines section below. If your instrument contains a light source, please remove the lamp (light bulb) from its socket and package it separately before shipping. Sciencetech’s warranty does not cover damages caused by improper packaging for returned shipments. It may be advisable to insure your shipment both to and from Sciencetech; Sciencetech will be pleased to insure warranty and non-warranty return shipments at additional cost to the customer.
  6. Return instrument to the following address:

Sciencetech, Inc.

Attention: Dr. James Francis

1450 Global Drive

London ON N6N 1R3


Tel. (519) 644-0135



Packaging and Shipping Guidelines


  1. Sciencetech levies a packing and handling fee to cover the cost of packing the order. This fee is in addition to the shipping cost and will be levied regardless of whether the customer makes their own shipping arrangements or not.
  2. The buyer shall pay all transportation, handling, insurance, taxes, license fees, import, export and customs fees and duties, tariffs and other charges related to the products or services purchased hereunder. If claiming tax exemption, buyer must provide Sciencetech with valid tax exemption certificates. 
  3. All products will be delivered FOB (for domestic shipments) or EXW (for international shipments), Sciencetech's designated factory. Upon delivery of the Products to the carrier, title to the products (except for title to any software which shall at all times remain with Sciencetech) shall pass from Sciencetech to the buyer, and the buyer shall assume all risk of loss or damage unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing. In no event shall Sciencetech be liable for any delay in delivery (provided that Sciencetech delivers the products to the carrier in a timely fashion), or assume any liability in connection with shipment, nor shall the carrier be deemed an agent of Sciencetech. 
  4. Applicable taxes, duties, and brokerage fees are not included in the quote and are the buyer’s responsibility. Canada has no export taxes to international destinations, but the customer may be subject to local import duties and associated brokerage fees in their own country. 
  5. If a customer accepts partial delivery, Sciencetech will individually invoice for partial payment of that delivery according to the current applicable payment terms. Due to extra delivery, shipping charges will appear separately on each invoice, corresponding to the cost of shipping.