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UV to NIR Order Sort Filters - 1" diameter - (200nm - 3200nm)

Sku: 640-9001

Quick Overview

A standard set of 6 order sorting filters that cover a spectral range from the UV to the near infrared (NIR). Order sorting filters are used with diffractive equipment such as monochromators to filter out harmonic diffractive orders. Sort order filters are required with diffractive systems in order to ensure the spectrum out of the monochromator is monochromatic.

This set is often used with spectroscopy research equipment such as PV characterization equipment where modulated monochromatic light is required. onochromator load outs to avoid higher order duplications.

Included filters:
1. Quartz window G1
2. 295 nm Long pass filter
3. 475 nm Long Pass filter
4. 850 nm Long pass filter
5. 1.6 um Long Pass filter

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Additional Information

Name UV to NIR Order Sort Filters - 1" diameter - (200nm - 3200nm)
SKU 640-9001
Thickness (mm) 2.5 mm
Spectral Range (nm) 200-3200 nm
Reflected / Absorbed Band depends on filter
Transmission band (nm) depends on filter
Dimensions 25 mm
Filter Type Long Pass
Solar Filters Other
Spectral Range Infrared, UV, Visible
Filter Style Interference


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