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(SLB-300A) Compact Solar Simulator Class AAA

Sku: 160-9017

Quick Overview

Class: AAA
Target size: 38x38mm (1.5x1.5”) at 1 sun
Working distance: 150mm (6”) from exit port
Sciencetech Power Supply: (601-300) 300W Adjustable Power with Touchscreen Control

The SLB-300A is a low cost 300W lens based solar simulator system. The SLB series solar simulators are more efficient than the SF-series and are a popular choice when collimated light or significant levels of UV on the target are not needed. Please note, however, that if you do require a collimated source or significant amounts of UV, Sciencetech's SF series is an excellent option.

The SLB-300A includes arc lamp housing, bulb, power supply with igniter, filter holder, manual shutter, and testing report. The beam can be projected horizontally (standard) or vertically with the use of a downward facing stand.

Available Air Mass filters include AM1.0, AM1.5 direct and global, and AM2.0. Other filters such as dichroic filters and bandpass filters are available for further modification of the spectrum. Filters are sold separately; please specify which filters should be sent with the solar simulator when ordering.

Conformity with ASTM standards is included by default. Conformity with IEC and JIS standards for spectral matching, non-uniformity, and temporal instability is available. Please contact your Sciencetech Technical Representative for details.

Please speak with your authorized Sciencetech Technical Sales Staff for further details and a full range of options.

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Additional Information

Name (SLB-300A) Compact Solar Simulator Class AAA
SKU 160-9017
Target Size 38x38mm
Typical Power Output 1 Sun
Uniformity Classification A
Power Requirements 110-115V/60 Hz or 220-240V/ 50Hz
Collimation Angle 12 degrees
Lamp Power 300W
Working Distance 15cm
Spectral Match Classification A
Temporal Instability Classification A
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Continuous or Flash Continuous,


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