Linear InGaAs Detector Array - Infrared, 512 pixels

Linear InGaAs Detector Array - Infrared, 512 pixels

Sku: 123-8001

Quick Overview

Sciencetech's Linear Array InGaAs detector systems are specifically designed for near-infrared spectroscopy applications in the 900-1700nm range. They can also be used for radiation thermometry and optical fiber transmittance measurements. These detector systems include the linear InGaAs sensor array, detector head, power supply, data acquisition system including PC interface, cables, and real-time data acquisition software with Active-X controls. Sciencetech's InGaAs detector systems are the most economical and easy way to integrate near infrared detection solutions for new and existing flat field spectrographs and monochromators. Please note the sensors have a linear width of 12.8mm and thus may not span the entire spectral field of view of some spectrometers.

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Additional Information

Name Linear InGaAs Detector Array - Infrared, 512 pixels
SKU 123-8001
Spectral Region No
Detector Material N/A
Active Area (diameter or square) N/A
Temperature Control No
Spectral Range (nm) N/A
AC or DC Coupling N/A
Single or Multichannel Multichannel
Responsivity N/A
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) N/A
Horizontal Pixel Range 512
Detector Type No


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