InAs Detector - Round 2mm (Thermo-electrically Cooled)

InAs Detector - Round 2mm (Thermo-electrically Cooled)

Sku: 590-0239

Quick Overview

This single element detector is effective in sensing wavelengths between 1000 nm and 3500 nm. This unit is a high performance photodiode/receiver operated with at ambient temperature with a dual gain FET input transimpedence amplifier. Please note that it is available in various sensor area sizes and has an available thermo-electric cooler for lower dark current and improved signal to noise. The output is an analog signal available through a BNC connector at the back of the detector housing. Since the signal is analog, an optional 12-bit and 16-bit data acquisition system and software is available to digitize its output into a computer. A DC power supply for this detector (sold separately) is also required. This detector is designed for use with scanning monochromators to capture the intensity of one wavelength at a time. An optional mount allows it to mate to any Sciencetech scanning monochromators. Sciencetech can also provide an optional custom mount for mating to non-Sciencetech monochromators and spectrographs. The output voltage is proportional to the input signal current: Vout = Isignal . Rf . The PD/AMP is a DC coupled dual gain system. Care should be taken in shielding the unit from stray light during operation to prevent saturation of the amplifier (and potential failure). Technical Specifications

Operating temperature: 22°C; -30°C (cooled)
Shunt resistance: 10Ω; 100Ω (cooled)
Shunt capacitance: 1200pF
Responsivity @ 3.2 µm: 0.8A/W; 1.5A/W (cooled)
Thermistor resistance: 1.7kΩ; 40.0kΩ (cooled)
Cooler current: 0.00A; 0.65A TYP. (cooled)
Maximum cooler current: 1.25A

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Additional Information

Name InAs Detector - Round 2mm (Thermo-electrically Cooled)
SKU 590-0239
Spectral Region No
Detector Material N/A
Active Area (diameter or square) N/A
Temperature Control No
Spectral Range (nm) N/A
AC or DC Coupling N/A
Single or Multichannel N/A
Responsivity N/A
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) N/A
Horizontal Pixel Range N/A
Detector Type No


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