Hot Mirror for UV Applications - 3" Square

Hot Mirror for UV Applications - 3" Square

Sku: 640-9012

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This hot mirror filters out IR light to remove thermal heat on the target. However, standard hot mirrors also remove UV light as a side-effect which mean it cannot be used in UV applications. This special hot mirror removes IR light between 730-1100nm while preserving UVA and UVB light (280-400nm) in addition to visible light. This filter is ideal for Sciencetech UV solar simulators where the filtering of thermal heat on the target is desired and preservation of UVA and UVB light is required.
This mirror includes a 3" holder.
Please note this filter does not eliminate all thermal heat in the IR range as this filter stops at 1,100nm. Hence IR heat beyond 1,100nm still pass through. Through experimental measurement, it has shown that the excess IR light from a 1000W xenon lamp is enough to damage a non-heat resistant UG11 filter downstream used in UVA and UVA+B applications. Please contact a Sciencetech Application Specialist for details and alternatives.

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Additional Information

Name Hot Mirror for UV Applications - 3" Square
SKU 640-9012
Thickness (mm) N/A
Spectral Range (nm) N/A
Reflected / Absorbed Band N/A
Transmission band (nm) N/A
Dimensions N/A
Filter Type N/A
Solar Filters N/A
Spectral Range No
Filter Style N/A


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