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(G-050-E-LN6N) Detector, Germanium, Cryogenic Receiver

Sku: 584-6005

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The cryogenic receiver modules offer the ultimate in sensitivity for any given wavelength range as well as maximum immunity to EMI, microphonics, and accidental mishandling. The standard EOS dewars, side-viewing or down-viewing, can be provided with built-in amplifiers for any of the photodiode or photoconductor components. Depending on the specific detector and sensitivity requirements, parts of the amplifier may be cooled along with the detector.

These cryogenic modules are unique in the industry in providing the ultimate in sensitivity, EMI immunity, and low microphonic noise. The standard units contain switchable gains, BNC outputs, and shielded power connections. Custom options include offset control, additional gain control, and multi-stage amplifiers.

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Additional Information

Name (G-050-E-LN6N) Detector, Germanium, Cryogenic Receiver
SKU 584-6005
Spectral Region No
Detector Material Germanium (Ge)
NEP <1.5 E-12 / <1.5 E-15
Active Area (diameter or square) 5mm
Temperature Control Non-cooled
Spectral Range (nm) 800 - 1800 / 800 - 1500
AC or DC Coupling DC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Single
Responsivity 0.8-0.9 A/W
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) not applicable
Horizontal Pixel Range No
Detector Type Solid State


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