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Filter, Center Wavelegth 380nm, 10nm Bandwidth FWHM , 25mm Mounted Diameter

Sku: 640-0081

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Bandpass filters transmit a well-defined wavelength band of light, while rejecting other unwanted radiation. Optical Bandpass filters allow the isolation of a band of wavelengths from the total spectrum, enabling higher energy throughput and greater out-of-band rejection, without the use of dispersing elements such as prisms or gratings.
Filter includes a Sciencetech Inc. filter holder.

Substrates: Schott Borofloat & Soda Lime
Diameter: Mounted, 25.4mm
Clear Aperture: 21.6mm Diameter
Edge Treatment: Mounted in Black Anodized Aluminum Ring
Center Wavelength(CWL): 380nm +/-2nm
Full Width Half Max.(FWHM): 10nm +/-2nm
Transmission: 25% (Min.)
Out of Band Transmission: < 0.01% from 200nm to 3.0um

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Additional Information

Name Filter, Center Wavelegth 380nm, 10nm Bandwidth FWHM , 25mm Mounted Diameter
SKU 640-0081
Thickness (mm) 5.9 mm
Spectral Range (nm) 200 -1100 nm
Reflected / Absorbed Band 200-375 and 385-1100 nm
Transmission band (nm) 375-385 nm
Dimensions 25 mm
Filter Type Bandpass
Solar Filters Other
Spectral Range Visible
Filter Style Interference


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