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(-DP) Double Pass Option for 9490 and 9150 monochromators

Sku: 120-8067

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This option adds the double pass option to a 9490 or 9150 monochromator. With the double pass option the reciprocal linear dispersion of the monochromator can be effectively reduced by a factor of two. By reducing the dispersion the ultimate resolution achievable by the monochromator can also be reduced by a factor of two. The double pass system functions by introducing pick off mirrors near the entrance and exit ports of the monochromator. The pick off mirrors collect the light that has made a single pass through the monochromator system (collimating mirror, grating and camera mirror) and redirecting the light to make a second pass. Monochromators with the double pass option included can also be used in single pass. To utilize the single pass option the double pass mirrors are lowered out of the way. Both motorized and manual options are available to move the double pass mirrors into and out of position.
In single pass mode the light being redirected into the monochromator is usually sent in along the optical axis. When using the double pass option the entrance light must be sent in parallel to the optical axis and vertically translated by ~6mm. The vertical translation allows the double pass optics to effectively collect and redirect the single pass light. The double pass beam will exit the monochromator vertically translated from the optical axis by the same amount that the light is sent into the monochromator.

The double pass option is only available when using the monochromator front entrance and exit ports.
The double pass option may be used with a camera, however the camera should be mounted such that it is vertically translated from the optical axis such that the double pass light will fall on the center of the cameras active area.

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Name (-DP) Double Pass Option for 9490 and 9150 monochromators
SKU 120-8067


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