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(SS3.0KXeFR) Highly Collimated Fresnel Lens Solar Simulator (ABA) 11.5" diameter

Sku: 164-9002

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This solar simulator is based on a Fresnel lens to collimate the light beam from the arc lamp source to infinity, which results in highly collimated illumination of the target spot. A 3.0kW xenon ozone free lamp is used as the light source. The spectral distribution of the xenon light source, along with the use of specially calibrated AirMass filters, closely simulates the sun’s true spectral distribution in various conditions on Earth.

30cm (12") diameter UV transmitting Fresnel lens
3.0kW ozone free xenon lamp
Air cooled lamp housing
Filter holder mounts one 15x15cm (6"x6") filter (additional filters and other filter sizes available)
Adjustable power supply with LED display, includes igniter
Standard horizontal operation, vertical option

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Additional Information

Name (SS3.0KXeFR) Highly Collimated Fresnel Lens Solar Simulator (ABA) 11.5" diameter
SKU 164-9002
Target Size 30 cm (11.5") diameter
Typical Power Output 1 Sun
Uniformity Classification Class B
Power Requirements 200VAC-240VAC (47- 63Hz)
Collimation Angle 0.7 degree (half angle)
Lamp Power 3.0 kW
Working Distance 20 cm
Spectral Match Classification Class A
Temporal Instability Classification Class A
Classification ABA
Continuous or Flash Continuous,


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