Fully Reflective Class AAA Solar Simulators

Solar Simulator Fully Reflective


Class AAA Solar Simulators

All of Sciencetech's Fully Reflective line of solar simulators feature a design that does not require lenses or diffusers to make the output uniform at the target plane. As a result, the solar simulator is able to reach its optimal throughput efficiency and reach a consistant AAA class rating for every fully reflective solar simulator we provide (see chart on the right), making Sciencetech's line of solar simulators substantially more efficient than our competitor's designs.

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Sciencetech manufactures four high power versions of Class AAA Fully Reflective Solar Simulators. Schiencetech's properietary fully reflective design uses metal coated mirrors and passes the whole spectrum, no compromise. This is a distinct advantage over refractive based systems that are limited by the properties of the transparent material used.

The fully reflective design utilizes a series of mirrors, including a special folding mirror that bends the light source without the drawbacks of refractive optics. This allows the simulator to direct the light beam from the arc lamp source to the target plane, producing a higher intensity, uniform illumination at the target plane than a competitor’s simulators.

In Sciencetech’s line of fully reflective solar simulators the power output will typically be 1.3 times more powerful when compared to simulators that use the same wattage of arc lamp with diffusers to make the light field uniform at the target.

The high pressure xenon lamp used in each simulator projects an excellent basic match for solar simulation. The solar spectral distribution at different Earth conditions can be simulated through use of Air Mass filters AM0 for Solar Simulator .

For more variation of where your test surface is located, several simulators can be mounted on a vertical stand, and if coupled with a beam turning accessory, enable the simulator’s ability to project towards a floor, wall, or ceiling, depending on your research requirements.

The air mass filters used with each simulator are 3" x 3" in size and can be easily switched in each model via a built-in access panel. There are two AM filter slots in each simulator; additional slots can be added upon consultation.

Solar Simulator Fully Reflective

Target Size

SKU Model Class A Target Diameters (cm) Class B Target Diameters (cm)
1 Sun 0.5 Sun 2 Sun 1 Sun 0.5 Sun 2 Sun
165-9002 SS 0.5kW 7.5 12.4 6.3 9 15 7.5
165-9001 SS 1kW 12.7 18 8.9 15 21.5 10.5
165-9007 SS 1.6kW 16.5 22.6 11.2 20 27 13.5
165-9008 SS2.5kW 20.3 28.7 14.2 24 34 17

Spectral Match

Range (nm) ASTM AM 1.5G Sciencetech FRSS AM 1.5G ASTM AM 0 Sciencetech FRSS AM 0 Result
300-400     8.0% 7.3% Pass
400-500 18.40% 21.81% 16.40% 17.70% Pass
500-600 19.90% 20.65% 16.30% 17.00% Pass
600-700 18.40% 17.81% 13.90% 14.10% Pass
700-800 14.90% 13.00% 11.20% 10.50% Pass
800-900 12.5% 11.00% 9.00% 9.20% Pass
900-1100 15.90% 15.73% 13.10% 14.00% Pass
1100-1400     12.20% 10.20% Pass

Dimensions SS0.5K-1.6K Fully Reflective Solar Simulators Dimensions SS2.5K Solar Simulator


Solar Simulator Fully Reflective

Sciencetech's fully reflective solar simulators can be configured to suit your requirements.

The homogenizer can be customized to include a computer controllable shutter or a variable focus option that lets you position the uniform plane at different working distances from the output of the simulator.

Numerous filtering options are available. Some filter options are added to the beam line through the built in filter drawer. Other filtering options require the addition of a beam turning filter holder.

A range of solar cell chucks with options such as vacuum clamps, thermoelectric or water cooling, micropositioners as well as complete IV testing software and hardware are also available.

The SS0.5k through SS1.6k models can be mounted on a vertical stand for downward facing operation. Note that the SS2.5k model must be mounted on a table for downward facing operation.

Homogenizer Configuration Options

Description SKU
(SSES) High Power Shutter Assembly for SS-0.5-2.5k Solar Simulators 165-8005
(SSVF-SS) Solar Simulator Variable Focus 165-8011
Homogenizer output window (G1 Quartz) for sealed homogenizer option Contact Us
Homogenizer output window (Si-UV) for sealed homogenizer option Contact Us

Output Flange Options

Body Options

Sample Tray Options

Description SKU
(SAMP - STD) Sample Platform for the Fully Reflective Solar Simulator Series 165-9006

A range of solar cell chucks and sample cooling and holding accessories are available


Spectral Filters

SKU Description
640-9005 75mm Mesh 34% Neutral Density Filter with Holder
640-9006 75mm Mesh 49% Neutral Density Filter with Holder
640-9007 75mm Mesh 71% Neutral Density Filter with Holder
640-9011 Visible Longpass Filter (400 +/-6nm), with Holder
640-9012 Hot Mirror for UV Applications - 3" Square
640-8005 Pass UV-VIS Block IR - heat absorbing glass
640-8006 Pass VIS-IR block UV A+B - 0 deg option (WG395)
640-8007 Pass UVA-VIS-IR block UV B
640-8010 Pass UV A+B, Block VIS, Block IR - 0 deg filter option
640-8012 Pass UV A+B, Pass Some IR, Block VIS - 0 deg filter option
640-8013 Cut UVB and below, Pass UV A and above 0 deg

Air Mass Filters

SKU Description
160-8020 Air Mass AM0 Filter for SS Series Solar (Standard Range)
160-8022 Air Mass AM1.0D Filter for SS Series Solar (Standard Range)
160-8024 Air Mass AM1.5G Filter for SS Series Solar (Standard Range)
160-8026 Air Mass AM1.5D Filter for SS Series Solar (Standard Range)
160-8028 Air Mass AM2.0D Filter for SS Series Solar (Standard Range)

Homogenizer IR Water Filters

SKU Description
100-8042 IR Water Filter, 3" Stainless Steel, Fused Silica Windows
100-8043 IR Water Filter, 3" Stainless Steel, BK7 Windows

Beam Turning Filters, 45° (used with 165-8034)

SKU Description
640-8004 Pass VIS, Block UV,IR - CTBT Option
640-8008 Pass IR, Block UV Block VIS
640-8011 Pass UVA+B, Bk VIS+IR - CTBT Option

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