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  1. Computer Image

    Preconfigured Host Computer System

    A mid-grade PC using Windows software, these computers are pre-installed with all necessary Sciencetech software and has been used to test your particular system to ensure proper operation of all software packages.
    Learn More
  2. SciSpec

    Software, Sci-Spec

    Sci-Spec is a full featured Windows application specifically designed to control Sciencetech scanning monochromators that may or may not utilize a Sciencetech detector such as a PMT or single channel detector. Sci-Spec coordinates the wavelength selection of the scanning monochromator to the data acquisition of a Sciencetech Sciencetech single element detector (via an A/D acquisition board sold separately). The captured spectral data is both displayed and saved to file for analysis. Sci-Spec can also control and coordinate other Sciencetech motorized accessories such as motorized slits, filter-wheels, flipping mirrors, light sources, and choppers. Sci-Spec is a complete Windows based application designed to work with Sciencetech components. To control a Sciencetech scanning monochromator with your own software, please use Sci-Mono Active-X component instead. Learn More
  3. SciRun-IV

    Software, SciRunIV

    SciRunIV is Sciencetech's IV testing software package. Used with many of our solar simulator and PV testing systems, it is a Windows-based software package that offers both researchers and industrial users all the power they need with the ease of use they expect.

    System Requirements:
    - RS232 port or RS232 to USB converter
    -32/64 Bit windows 7/10 Operating System
    -Screen Resolution (1024X768)
    - SciRunIV software works with Keithley 2400 series SMU's (including 2450) (not included).

    Note: Please provide the serial # of you Keithley sourcemeter when ordering SciRunIV

    For simplified installation it is recommended that SciRunIV be purchased with a pre-configured host computer. Learn More

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