Sciencetech offers a range of single channel and multichannel (line and area detectors) detection systems. Single channel detectors typically offer the smallest noise equivalent power (NEP values) and highest sensitivity levels. Single channel detectors are the best choice when you need to accurately measure extremely low light levels. Line and area detectors are typically used when measuring fast phenomena across multiple wavelengths (in a spectroscopic system).


Sciencetech offers a range of single channel detectors both manufactured by Sciencetech and other detectors manufactred by third party suppliers that can be integrated in Sciencetech spectroscopy and solar simulation systems. Sciencetech has the capability to integrate detectors not found on our website. We have a machine shop on site and are experts in optomechanical integration. If you want to integrate your detector with one of our systems contact one of Sciencetech's qualified technical sales representatives.


Sciencetech offers a wide range of spectroscopy grade line and area detectors for general purpose spectroscopy applications. Sciencetech can integrate line and area detectors from other popular camera manufacturers such as Andor, Apogee, SBIG, Princeton Instruments, Teledyne Dalsa and others.







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