Data Acquisition Equipment

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  1. 590-0106

    (LIA / PS-1) Lock-In Amplifier / Power Supply

    The LIA / PS-1 is a combination lock-in amplifier and low noise power supply which powers Sciencetech's detectors to the receiver preamplifiers. In addition, the PS-1 works well as a general purpose, dual - polarity laboratory power supply. Learn More
  2. 590-0025

    (PCI-DAS1000) 12 bit Data Acquisition Board with 16 A/D Channels

    12-bit A/D resolution
    16 channels (only one used)
    250kHz sampling rate(standard model)
    150kHz sampling rate(high gain model)
    24 digital IO (only one used for optional shutter)
    Three 16-bit counters (high gain model only, though not used)
    Dual 12-bit D/As (high gain model only, though not used)
    Gains of 1,2,4,8 (standard model)
    Gains of 1, 10, 100, 1000 (high gain model)
    Windows 98 and XP drivers
    Compatible with Sciencetech SCI-LDA, SCI-SPEC, READ-LDA Active-X and
    READ-DETECTOR Active-X software
    This 12-bit AD board is recommended for the following detectors:
    Non-cooled PMT detectors
    PDA linear array detectors
    Non-cooled single channel detectors

    This 12-bit AD board is not recommended for the following, where 16-bit boards should be used.
    Cooled PMT
    CCD detectors Learn More
  3. 590-0022

    (PCI-DAS1602) 16 bit Data Acquistion Board with 16 A/D Channels

    - Supports Sciencetech CCD, LDA, Linear InGaAs, Single Element and Analog PMT Detectors
    - Not Required for Sciencetech Photon Counting PMT Detectors
    - 16-bit A/D with burst mode
    - 100KHz A/D speed
    - Digital IO for optional shutter control
    - PCI Interface
    - Windows 98 and XP Drivers
    - Supports Sciencetech SCI-LDA, SCI-SPEC, READ-LDA (Active-X) and READ-DETECTOR (Active-X) Software

    This 16-bit AD board is recommended for the following,
    Cooled PMTs
    CCD detectors Learn More
  4. TC-1

    (PS/TC-1) Power Supply for Single Channel Detectors with TE Cooler

    This power supply is designed to work with many of Sciencetech's detectors, specifically those with included Thermoelectric (TE) cooling.
    For full technical specifications, or for any questions, please contact your authorized Sciencetech technical sales staff member. Learn More
  5. 170-9003A

    (SCI-DAS-12USB) 12-bit AD Digitization (USB), up to 50Ks/S, 3 Analog Inputs, 1 Trigger Input

    This 12-bit data aquisition module features 3 analog inputs via BNC connectors. The data aquisition board is 12Bit and can measure a single channel up to 50Ks/S. An additional BNC connector for a trigger input can be used to time measurements and/or send signals to external hardware such as a high speed shutter.

    This module includes 1 BNC cable and 1 USB cable so that it is ready to interface with a single channel detector such as a PMT or UVSi photodiode detector (sold seperatley). For spectroscopy systems the Sci-Spec Windows application software to interface with a Windows Based PC is required and is sold separately.

    This module is wired for single ended input for +/-10V input range. This module can be wired for differential inputs upon request.
    For most single channel data aquisition options where differential inputs are not required the SCI-DAS-12USB-LS option is a suitable and economical option.

    multi-channel dataaquisition is possible using SciSpec software, if this option is required please speak to a Sciencetech technical sales representative.
    Learn More
  6. 170-9004

    (SCI-DAS-16USB) Single Element Detector Data Acquisition System - 16-bit AD Digitization (USB)

    This option includes all cables and USB data acquisition device required to connect to a single element or PMT detector. The Sci-Spec Windows application software to interface with a Windows Based PC is required and is sold separately. Such detectors output an analog signal through a BNC connector which then gets digitized into 12-bits or 16-bits USB device. A power supply for the detector itself is also required, but is sold with the detector. Learn More
  7. 590-0175

    Lock-in Amplifier - Single Phase Digital LIA-810

    This is a Stanford SR-810 Lock-in Amplifier. Used with several of Sciencetech's I,V Testing systems.
    The SR810 provides high performance at a reasonable cost. The SR-810 uses digital signal processing (DSP) to replace the demodulators, output filters, and amplifiers found on conventional lock-ins. Learn More
  8. 590-0137

    Lock-in Amplifier - Two Phase Digital LIA-830

    This Lock-in Amplifier is specifically designed to work with IR Detectors and choppers, with a dual-phase lock-in. Includes all necessary components including software.
    The device has 100 dB of true dynamic reserve without the need for input pre-filtering, time constants from 10 ms to 30 ks with 6, 12, 18 and 24 dB/octave filter rolloff, and includes a precision synthesized reference source with 25 ppm frequency accuracy and <-80 dBc distortion.
    There are two data displays, allowing the simultaneous display of X and Y, or R and θ. RS-232 and GPIB interfaces capable of reading and setting all instrument functions.

    For a full list of technical specifications and to determine if this Lock-in Amplifier is appropriate for your system or detector, please speak with your authorized Sciencetech technical sales staff member. Learn More
  9. 490-0402

    Preconfigured Host Computer for IV and IPTS packages

    Mid-Grade PC Computer with Windows Xp or Windows 7-32bit operating system
    17" LCD flat panel display, usb keyboard and mouse.
    Includes the required COM1 motherboard based serial port for running Sciencetech's IV or IPTS software.

    Pre-configured host computers are tested with the purchased hardware package at Sciencetech's factory to ensure a smooth installation at the customers site.
    Learn More
  10. Computer Image

    Preconfigured Host Computer System

    A mid-grade PC using Windows software, these computers are pre-installed with all necessary Sciencetech software and has been used to test your particular system to ensure proper operation of all software packages.
    Learn More

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