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SCIENCETECH offers a series of computer-controlled adjustable sources of monochromatic light, our Tunable Light Source (TLS) line. These complete plug-and-play systems vary by functional spectral range, optical resolution, intensity of output light, optical parameters of the output beam, coupling options, accessories, and by different extent of automation.


The standard configuration of a TLS includes a lamp housing with Xe or QTH lamp, power supply with touchscreen, monochromator (1/8 or 1/4 meter), automated 6 position filter wheel (with 4 long pass filters) mounted to a metal breadboard to create a compact, fully assembled illuminator. Each system is pre-aligned during production and packaged with the system’s test data and detailed manual. Sciencetech’s tunable light sources are motorized instruments controlled by Sciencetech’s TLS software. LabView drivers are also available for purchase for integrating Sciencetech’s TLS systems into LabView experiments.

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Tunable Light Source - TLS Models


SCIENCETECH offers 4 base models in our tunable light source line that are equipped with multiple standard configurations:





The variation in the base models is in the combination of two most popular motorized SCIENCETECH monochromators: 9072S (1/8 meter) and 9055 (1/4 meter) with two light sources: 300 W Xe arc lamp and 250 W QTH lamp.

The overall operable spectral range is 0-2500 nm. However the choice of lamp and optics used in the TLS system limit the functional spectral range.

The QTH lamp has a smooth spectrum from 400 nm through the longer wavelengths. Xenon lamps have more ultraviolet light that allows extension of the spectra to 280 nm*. Xenon lamps are also very bright sources allowing higher throughput than with QTH lamps.

All components of the system, including the light source and monochromator, can be changed. Available light sources includes continuous Xe, Xe-Hg and Hg lamps from 75 W to 1.0 kW, QTH lamps from 50 W to 500 W, a dual deuterium/QTH source, and infrared sources. The available spectral range is 180 nm – 10 um and more, depending on selected options. It is also possible to integrate dual or triple custom sources. Optional monochromators include 1/8 m,1/4 m, 1/2 m and 1 m focal length, as well as double additive models of each base type.

Each base model comes with standard features: 1” collimated light output and two adjustable slits for optical bandpass control. Output optics are available as output beam optics or optical couplings such as fiber couplers.

There are several available output options: different focusing and collimating beams, different coupling with fibers/bundles, or coupling with different optical devices.

The standard model has a safety quartz window at the output port to eliminate harmful UVB rays, and to contain any harmful ozone that may be generated by the lamp within (from ozone producing lamps only). This safety quartz window can be replaced with a UV grade fused silica window if the application requires UV light to pass through or BK7 glass window if no UV light is required.

Available optional upgrades include: Motorized or manual Iris, motorized slit (manual slit is standard), optical light feedback for additional source stabilization, and various power meters.

If you do not see the upgrade you are looking for, contact sales@Sciencetech-Inc.com and let us know what upgrade you would like and we will design it just for you!



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