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SCIENCETECH offers a series of turnkey computer-controlled Tunable Light Sources (TLS) that provide monochromatic light from 300 nm to 1800 nm (extended ranges from 180 nm to 10 µm available with customizations) with optical resolution from 20 nm to 0.2 nm. Collimated light output is standard and, condensed or coupled output light options can be provided on request.

Tunable light source software included

Sciencetech’s software, Sci-Spec, controls all components of the system. In the standard configuration, it controls the light source, shutter, filter wheel with order sorting filters, monochromator and gratings.

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Tunable Light Source - TLS Models

SCIENCETECH offers 4 base models of Tunable Light Sources:

TLS Model Lamp Type and Power Spectral Range (nm) Focal Length (Monochromator) Resolution
TLS 55-X300 Xe (300w) 300 - 1,800 nm 1/4 meter 0.2 nm @ 300-700 nm and 0.4 nm @ 700-1800 nm
TLS-55-Q250 QTH (250w) 300 - 1,800 nm 1/4 meter 0.2 nm @ 300-700 nm and 0.4 nm @ 700-1800 nm
TLS 72-X300 Xe (300w) 300 - 1,800 nm 1/8 meter 0.5 nm @ 300-700 nm and 0.7 nm @ 700-1800 nm
TLS 72-Q250 QTH (250w) 300 - 1,800 nm 1/8 meter 0.5 nm @ 300-700 nm and 0.7 nm @ 700-1800 nm


Tunable light source Solar Simulator

SCIENCETECH also offers a tunable light source - solar simulator combination system. This system allows a selectable output at the target plane of spatially uniform sun light or monochromatic light. Spectral matches can be provided in AM1.5G or AM0 (ASTM Standard).

TLS-55-X300-SS is based on the TLS-55-X300 but adds a homogenization unit to the exit port of the monochromator that includes an electronic shutter and 2 position filter tray.

Tunable light source with available customizations and Add-Ons

All components of the system, including the light source and monochromator, can be customized. Available options include:

  • Xe, Xe-Hg and Hg lamps from 75 W to 1.6 kW
  • QTH lamps from 50 W - 500 W
  • Dual deuterium/QTH source
  • Mid-IR sources up to 1700 Kelvin
  • Available spectral range 180 nm - 10 µm (light source, optics and grating dependent)
  • Additional homogenizing optics for higher spatial uniformity at the output
  • Additional fiber optic cables
  • Double subtractive and double additive monochromators
  • Monochromators up to 1 meter focal length
  • Motorized or manual Iris
  • Optical light feedback for additional source stabilization (only available with Xe and Xe-Hg lamps)
  • Detectors and Data Acquisition Systems can be provided as add-ons
  • Can be coupled with Integrating Spheres, samples chambers and other opto-mechanical components upon request

The standard models have a safety quartz window at the output port to eliminate UVB rays. This safety quartz window can be replaced with a UV grade fused silica window if the application requires UV light to pass through or BK7 glass window if no UV light is required.

If you do not see the upgrade you are looking for, contact sales@Sciencetech-Inc.com and let us know what upgrade you would like and we will design it just for you!

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