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Sciencetech's Xenon Arc Lamp Light Sources are cost effective, versatile, complete solutions for your illumination requirements. All Sciencetech light sources are plug-and-play systems and can be easily adapted towards various test environments. We specialize in manufacturing low to high powered xenon arc lamp sources which come as fully operable system. These systems consist of the xenon arc lamp, lamp housing, power supply and all required optics.

Sciencetech offers a selection of light sources in varying wattages of xenon lamps and other optical characteristics. Xenon short arc lamps are hight-pressure discharge lamps. These lamps are especially suitable for optical applications because of their high radiance and luminance.

  • Xenon arc lamps provide an ideal point source of light and therefore excellent for achieving collimated light outputs.
  • These light sources are also great for applications requiring high intensity light focused on a very small point.

An introduction to Sciencetech Xenon Arc Lamp Light Source:

Our light sources typically include the xenon (Xe) short arc lamp mounted in a housing with a back reflector, condensing/coupling optics, a power supply and all the necessary cables, software and hardware. Other accessory items can be provided depending on your application.

Xenon (Xe) Arc Lamp Light Sources Features

  • Vertical or horizontal bulb and housing operation
  • Xenon arc lamps from 75W to 7000W
  • Multiple collimated or focused output optics in various sizes, materials,
    and coatings
  • Standard safety interlocks
  • Numerous customizations, upgrades and accessories can be included

Xenon (Xe) Arc Lamp Applications

  • Coating Durability Testing
  • Solar Simulation and solar thermal applications
  • Fluorescence, luminescence and phosphorescence
  • Photobiology and Photochemistry
  • Absorbance and Reflectance
  • Spectroscopy

Xenon (Xe) Lamps

Xenon lamps are filled with pure xenon gas at a very high pressure. These lamps provide a wider range of wavelengths, emitting at a high and relatively constant light flux from the UV, through the visible to the IR wavelengths. Sciencetech provides two types of xenon lamps depending on your applications.

Xenon Lamp - Sciencetech

Standard Xenon Lamps. Standard xenon lamp bulb envelope is manufactured with a UV transmitting quartz envelope doped with oxides to minimize the ultraviolet (UV) emission below 220 nm. Sciencetech light sources and solar simulators normally come equipped with these standard xenon short arc lamps.

UV enriched Xenon lamps. UV enriched xenon lamps are recommended if a high output is required in the 180 nm to 220 nm region of the spectrum. These xenon lamps use synthetic quartz envelopes that transmit light in low wavelengths below 220nm. Ozone is generated when oxygen in the surrounding air is optically excited by wavelengths less than 220nm.

  • Sciencetech can install forced air exhaustion ports with the system to safely remove the ozone generated in the lamp house.
  • Nitrogen purging can be done to prevent UV-generated ozone from accumulating indoors. This also allows to conduct measurements below 220nm, which would otherwise be prevented by the absorption of oxygen.

Xenon Arc Lamp Light Sources Models

Depending on the type of output beam required, we can provide three main variations of xenon arc lamp light source models. You can select from one of our convenient packages or contact us to further discuss on changing the elements as required.

To determine the right equipment, first let’s identify the type of the output beam required for your application. Below are the three main varieties of lamp houses offered at Sciencetech. These lamp houses are designed to operate in a vertical or horizontal mode, and come with base plates for both orientations included. In the configuration section below, choose the housing based on the reflector type.

Spherical Back Reflector

Spherical Back Reflector with condensing or collimating optics

The lamp house includes a spherical back reflector. With the accompanying refractive optics (lenses) used, this lamp house can produce high quality.
Collimated beams or Focused beams

Elliptical Back Reflector

Elliptical Back Reflector:

The lamp house includes an elliptical back reflector. These lamp houses provide a focused beam spot with highly efficient light collection and optimal light transfer capability.

Parabolic Back Reflector

Parabolic Back Reflector:

The lamp house includes a parabolic back reflector. This lamp house provides a collimated output with efficient light collection capabilities without the need add lenses/ refractive optics.

Download our pdf about Elliptical and Parabolic Reflectors

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Light Sources Models

Either select from one of our convenient packages (which include optics, housing, bulb, and power supply, as well as all interconnections) or build your own from our modular components, allowing the perfect fit for your requirements.

Research Arc Lamp Sources, 75-300W

Research Arc Lamp Sources, 75-300W

  • Focused beam or collimated systems
  • High Stability
Xe and Hg(Xe) Research Arc Lamp Sources, 500-1600W

Xe and Hg(Xe) Research Arc Lamp Sources, 500-1600W

  • Focused beam or collimated systems
  • High Stability
Research Arc Lamp Sources, 3kW-7kW

Research Arc Lamp Sources, 3kW-7kW

  • Focused beam or collimated systems
  • High Stability


  • Shop by source type
  • High intensity UV-VIS lamps
  • Specialized IR sources
  • UV producing and Ozone free varieties
Specialized Arc Light Sources

Specialized Arc Light Sources

  • Deuterium lamps
  • Dual source light sources
Arc Lamp Power Supplies

Arc Lamp Power Supplies

  • Touch screen interfaces
  • Free software
  • Optional features, such as optical feedback