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  1. 500W Mercury Lamp

    Lamp Bulb, 500W Mercury-Xenon Arc Lamp (Hg-Xe)

    This is a 500W Mercury-Xenon (HgXe) Arc Lamp bulb, suitable for many Sciencetech arc lamp systems.
    Operational Life: 1,000 Hours
    37 Volts
    13.5 Amps

    Note that Sciencetech offers a low cost 500W Hg-Xe lamp with an operational life of 400 hours for customers that do not require a long bulb operational life. Please see part number [650-0080]
    Please speak with your authorized Sciencetech technical sales staff member to determine which 500W Hg-Xe bulb is best for your particular application. Learn More
  2. 30W Deuterium bulb

    Lamp Bulb, Deuterium 30W [L6301-50]

    A replacement 30W Deuterium lamp bulb. Learn More
  3. 650-0038 Mercury Lamp

    Lamp Bulb, Hg: ST75 Low Pressure Mercury

    THIS LAMP HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER - it is not longer available. Please ask our technical sales team about other THz light sources.

    A high stability Mercury (Hg) lamp bulb, most commonly used in Sciencetech's SPS-300 as the internal light source. Due to the high stability, it is an ideal source for us in the mid-to-far IR range. Learn More

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