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Liquid Helium Cooled Bolometer (1.6K Version)

Sku: 188-9013

Quick Overview

Liquid Helium Cooled Bolometers are 10^2 to 10^4 (two to four orders magnitude) more sensitive than room temperature pyro-electric detectors
Liquid Helium Cooled 1.6K
Liquid Nitrogen required in outer jacket (dual stage cooling)
5.0 mm diameter sapphire detector
0.5" diameter condensing cone as input optics
Preamp circuitry generates +/-14V max
5" Diameter Dewar Included

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Additional Information

Name Liquid Helium Cooled Bolometer (1.6K Version)
SKU 188-9013
Spectral Region FIR and THz, MIR
Detector Material DTGS
NEP 7.55x10^(-14) W/Hz^(1/2)
Active Area (diameter or square) 5mm
Temperature Control Liquid Helium
Spectral Range (nm) Spectral Range: 300um < l < 5000um (suggested) (window dependent)
AC or DC Coupling AC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Single
Responsivity 4.33E+05 V/W
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) not applicable
Horizontal Pixel Range No
Detector Type Thermopile / Pyroelectric


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