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  1. SciPuck Detector

    (SCI420BJ-0) Pyroelectric Repetitive Pulse Energy Sensor

    Sciencetech’s SCI420BJ-0 wide-band pyroelectric detector is capable of measuring the amount of energy in nanosecond and picosecond pulses. We expect that it is possible to measure femtosecond pulses, but this has not yet been tested. The detector is windowless and a selection of windows is available to limit the spectral response. The SCI420BJ-0 is not hygroscopic and may be operated indefinitely under normal atmospheric conditions and at temperatures above 100°C. Sciencetech's proprietary SCI420BJ-0 detector is mounted in our standard 1" high and 2" diameter "hockey-puck" style enclosure. The SCI420BJ-0 is connectorized to be powered directly from the Stanford SR-810/830 lock-in amplifiers and optimized to utilize the full input range of these lock-ins for FTIR applications.
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  2. 125-9013

    (SCIEL420CM) Sciencetech TeraHertz Lithium Tantalate Pyroelectric Detector Head (100-150kV/W Sensitivity)

    Main Features:

    Lithium tantalate sensor
    Compatible with EOS PS-1 power supply or EOS LIA/PS-1 lock-in/power supply
    Power requirements are ±15 volts to ± 24 volts at ± 5mA max.
    Quartz or fused silica window allows essentially flat response (±3%) 300nm-2.1µm
    Electrical response -3dB points typically 0.5Hz - 150Hz
    Saturation Power: 30mW

    Optional Features

    Sapphire, germanium, silicon, CaF2, BaF2, or KBr windows are available instead of quartz at extra cost, please specify when ordering
    Specialized calibration options at extra cost, please speak to a Sciencetech representative or write to
    Lockin module (price not included in standard detector package) Learn More
  3. Thz DTGS Detector

    SPS-300 DTGS Detector

    This is a room-temperature detector for use with the SPS-300. This includes the DTGS detector with a mounting flange, but requires the use of a dual-phase lock-in amplifier (sold separately).

    Element size: 2.0mm diameter
    Spectral bandwidth: Limited by selection of window
    Sensitivity: 133,000 V/W (HDPE window)
    Frequency Response: 8.8 - 265HZ (-3db points)
    NEP: 1x10^-10 W (100Hz, 1Hz BW)
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