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  1. 525-0021

    Broadband Pyro-Electric Infrared Area Detector, 2-14um

    This broadband IR area detector has a sensor size of 320 x 240 pixels and a spectral range of 2-14 μm. The pixel size is 48.5μm square. The sensor is an uncooled pyroelectric BST (Barium, Strontium, Titanate) array. Because of the nature of pyroelectric sensors, there is an internal Archimedes spiral chopper that recalibrates the image. However, this calibration system, called an Auto Image Calibration, is actually a benefit for the user. The detector self calibrates to a reference 60 times per second, which in turn causes the system to be extremely stable and to have very little fixed pattern noise. Learn More
  2. Hot Electron Bolometer

    Hot Electron Bolometer (HEB)

    The Hot e- HEB detector system includes:
    • HDL5 Helium dewar with Liquid Nitrogen cooled heat shield
    • Liquid Helium Capacity -1.2 liters
    • Liquid Nitrogen Capacity - 0.8 liters
    • LHe hold time >20 hours
    • Field of view baffle installed on heat shield
    • Vacuum valve with burst disc and KF25 vacuum fitting
    • Liquid Nitrogen fill and removal attachments
    • Liquid Helium pumping/safety attachment
    • Enhanced InSb Hot-e detector (HEB)
    • Electrical Responsivity >5kV/W
    • Detector Optical responsivity >3.5kV/W
    • Detector electrical NEP < 500 fW.Hz-1/2
    • Useful Frequency range 200- 5000 microns
    • Frequency response ~ 500 kHz (-3dB)
    • Operating resistance 5kOhms to 20 kOhms
    • Operating Temperature 4.2K
    • DC coupled response
    • Physical size of element 5 mm x 4.7 mm x 300 um
    • Detector installed in gold-plated copper substrate
    • Cone optic assembly
    • Entrance = 0.5”
    • Exit = 0.196”
    • Length = 0.813”
    • 1" diameter wedged, Teflon window with diamond powder coating
    • C285 wedged filter, 0.75” diameter, installed in front of cone entrance
    • ULN6 preamplifier
    Learn More
  3. 188-9012

    Liquid Helium Cooled Bolometer (4.2K Version)

    Liquid Helium Cooled Bolometers are 10^2 to 10^4 (two to four orders of magnitude) more sensitive than room temperature pyro-electric detectors
    Liquid Helium Cooled to 4.2K
    Liquid Nitrogen required in outer jacket (dual stage cooling)
    Response for 20~100um, with some sensitivity up to 300um
    0.5" diameter condensing cone as input optics
    Preamp circuitry generates +/-14V max
    5" Diameter Dewar Included

    See below for more specifications. Learn More
  4. Thz DTGS Detector

    SPS-300 DTGS Detector

    This is a room-temperature detector for use with the SPS-300. This includes the DTGS detector with a mounting flange, but requires the use of a dual-phase lock-in amplifier (sold separately).

    Element size: 2.0mm diameter
    Spectral bandwidth: Limited by selection of window
    Sensitivity: 133,000 V/W (HDPE window)
    Frequency Response: 8.8 - 265HZ (-3db points)
    NEP: 1x10^-10 W (100Hz, 1Hz BW)
    Learn More

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