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Sciencetech Inc. (SCI) has been designing and manufacturing optical spectroscopic instruments in Canada since 1985. Sciencetech instruments have been used in many applications and fields including medical research, biotechnology, space sciences, analytical chemistry, material research, pharmacology, applied physics, aerospace, food sciences, drug discovery, cosmology, photodynamic therapy, security, environmental sciences, pollution detection and control, national defense and academic research.

Sciencetech is proud to acknowledge we have supplied spectrscopic instruments, solar simulators, far infrared Terahertz spectroscopy, photovoltaic testing equipment, and custom made instruments to distinguished institutions like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), The Max Planck Institute, the Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, The Argonne National Lab, countless universities, synchrotron and accelerator facilities and government institutions around the world.

Many of the SCI's past product developments have succeeded in satisfying the researcheres demand and the marketplace needs. To quote only a short list, the oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical device industry are among the fields most successfully influenced by SCI instrumentation today.

SCI tends to use its low volume manufacturing facilities to produce the first hundreds or thousands of instruments required for regulatory mandatory testing or market introduction. We guide our clients through the new product market introduction stages. When large volume manufacturing is required, SCI supplies the information, knowledge, and technical assistance that may be required.

During May 2009, Sciencetech moved its Headquarter offices to a brand new facility built and owned by the company at 1450 Global Drive in London, Ontario. Sciencetech is proud to be a completely Canadian-owned company and tries to be a good and responsible corporate citizen. SCI operates globally with a Network of 43 international representations (listed in the Strategic Partners Menu of this Website).


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