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(A1-C250-3) A1 LightLine with C250 Concentrating Optics, 120/220VAC

Sku: 161-9005

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The Sciencetech Solar LightLine series of fiberized solar simulators are a revolution in the solar simulator industry. With the Solar LightLine you can direct the Class AAA solar light anywhere you want. Classic designs for solar simulators require you to bring your sample to the solar simulator. Now you can bring the solar simulator to your sample! This makes the Sciencetech Solar LightLine series of fiberized solar simulators ideal for research that just can't accommodate traditional bulky solar simulators. Now you can get solar light into a glove box without mounting the entire solar simulator in the glove box. The standard 4 foot long fiber makes the simulator ideal for doing spot checks of devices on manufacturing lines or in dedicated setups that can't accommodate a bulky solar simulator. Target size can be changed with different projection optics options (see brochure.)

Working Distance: 25 cm
Target Size: 12.5 mm Diameter
Intensity : Up to 4 suns with AM1.5G filter installed
Size of homogenizer: 2.2” Diameter
Length of light guide: 4 feet
Intensity Adjustability: 5 increments with optional computer controlled filter wheel allowing attenuation in steps of roughly 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 and 4/5 of power level

Power supply tuneability allows for variable power adjustments.
Includes computer controlled high intensity shutter.
Includes touchscreen power supply (601-300).
Includes one 300W Xenon short arc lamp.
Does not include an air mass filter.
This unit runs on 120 or 220VAC.

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Additional Information

Name (A1-C250-3) A1 LightLine with C250 Concentrating Optics, 120/220VAC
SKU 161-9005
Target Size 12.5mm Diameter
Typical Power Output 4 Suns
Uniformity Classification Class C
Power Requirements 120/220VAC
Collimation Angle +/- 10 Deg
Lamp Power 300W
Working Distance 25cm
Spectral Match Classification Class A
Temporal Instability Classification Class A
Classification ACA
Continuous or Flash Continuous,


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