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(9490-1G) - High Resolution One Meter F/13 Monochromator with Single Grating Turret

Sku: 120-9075

Quick Overview

The 9490 monochromator is Sciencetech's second highest resolution monochromator, with 1m focal length. With a 2400 l/mm grating it can achieve resolutions better than 0.01 nm in the standard single pass configuration. This version uses 64 x 64 mm gratings for an aperture of f/13. By default the monochromator comes with a single grating kinematic mount. Users can manually swap one grating for another without losing alignment. An optional motorized 3-grating turret is available for automatic grating selection without opening the housing. The 9490 has a flat field output allowing it to operate as a spectrograph using a linear array, multi-channel detector to capture the entire output spectrum continuously. Sciencetech provides a selection of 1" wide CCDs and photo-diode linear array detectors mounted on a multi-axis adjustable focusing platform for use with the 9490.
Some models of the 9490 can be updgraded to dual pass operation (-DP). With the -DP dual pass upgrade option even higher resolution is available by switching to a "double pass" configuration that effectively doubles the focal length to 2m.

Please see the technical datasheet for further information.

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Additional Information

Name (9490-1G) - High Resolution One Meter F/13 Monochromator with Single Grating Turret
SKU 120-9075
Optical Axis Height 200.5 mm
Resolution (with 1200l/mm grating) 0.017 nm
Grating Size 64mm x 64mm
Wavelength Accuracy 0.03 nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.01 nm
Linear Reciprocal Dispersion 0.83 nm/mm
Focal Length 1000 mm
Special Features One Meter High Resolution


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