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(9150X) 1.5m Single Echelle Spectrometer

Sku: 120-9049

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This is an Echelle Spectrometer designed for diffraction limit operation, that provides a full spectrum coverage without gaps over a tunable 150nm range at a resolution of ~2pm in single pass mode. The spectrometer uses two gratings, two 1.5m f.l. parabolic reflectors and a corrector lens to produce a cross-dispersed echellegram that is recorded on a 3k x 3k cooled CCD camera with 12u pixels, at a dispersion of 1 pm/pixel. The long, thin echellegram is fit to the square CCD format using a 3 section image slicer, to maximize wavelength coverage and resolution.
Input optics include a micrometer adjustable rectangular input slit and a computer controlled source selector that can switch between four available input ports, useful in calibration.
Operational specifications are (for 31.5 l/mm 150x50 mm echelle, single pass)

* Dispersion: 1pm/pixel; (diffraction limit = 1pm)
* Wavelength coverage: 150nm band, position continuously selectable.
No gap coverage up to 800nm. Camera coverage 300nm-900nm.
* Aperture f/25.
* Input slit: rectangular, continuously adjustable 0-500um.
* Source selector to switch between four inputs.
* Calibration facilities for wavelength and intensity.
* Software to transfer raw images to permanent storage at the maximum possible rate, to transform and store as spectra corrected for wavelength & intensity.
Please note that for full frame digitization at 12 bits the transfer rate is 10seconds per frame. Smaller frame sections can be transferred at correspondingly faster rates.

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Additional Information

Name (9150X) 1.5m Single Echelle Spectrometer
SKU 120-9049
Optical Axis Height 200.5 mm
Resolution (with 1200l/mm grating) No
Grating Size 104mm x 104mm
Wavelength Accuracy 0.02 nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.002 nm
Linear Reciprocal Dispersion 1 pm/px
Focal Length F/25
Special Features Echelle Spectrometer


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